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          Phasing Out Single Use Plastics Products & Alternative Materials

             nother webinar was organised by AIPMA along with Indo   to recycling bin properly rather threaten to the society
          A*HUPDQ 7RRO 5RRP IRFXVLQJ RQ 3KDVLQJ 2XW 6LQJOH 8VH   and Industries. This webinar discussed the fact that
          Plastics Products & Alternative Materials on July 10, 2021.   WKH 3:05 PDGH 3URGXFHUV DQG ,PSRUWHUV RI SODVWLF DV
                                                                well as brand owners, who use plastic for packaging,
          The webinar began at 3 PM IST with Mr.  Deepak Ballani,
          Director General, AIPMA, introducing Mr. Chandrakant   accountable for managing the end waste which is not
          Turakhia, President AIPMAs, Mr. Arvind Mehta,  Chairman   practically possible.
          Governing Council AIPMA, Mr.Hiten Bheda, Chairman     :KLOH  DOPRVW  HYHU\RQH  DJUHHG  WR  ZRUN  FUHDWLQJ  D
          Environment Committee AIPMA, Dr. Smita Mohanty –      1DWLRQDO VWUDWHJ\ DQG WKLV ZRXOG LQFOXGH 8VLQJ NQRZOHGJH
          Head & Director Larpm – CIPET, Dr. Samir Chikkali – Sr.   of producers to develop new systems , Bring in resources
          Principal Scientist and Associate Professor, CSIR-NCL and    ÀQDQFLDO  DQG FUHDWH LQFHQWLYHV WR PDNH GHVLJQ FKDQJHV
          Mr. Selvaraj V. – Manager–R&D, Indo German Tool Room.   &UHDWH  RSSRUWXQLWLHV  IRU  HIÀFLHQW  UHF\FOLQJ  V\VWHP
                                                                Engage Producers, Design for Environment, Design for
          The Session began with interaction with experts sharing
          their views and thoughts on developing and execution   Recyclability, Curbing Plastic waste and littering, Driving
          of a strategy in a forward towards reaching the goal.   innovation and investment towards circular solutions
          This program provided insights of how to manage waste    $IWHU WKH SUHVHQWDWLRQ WKH ÁRRU ZDV OHIW RSHQ IRU 4 $
          where there is no money. India Produces EPR in 2012 and   round and Mr. Selvaraj V. and his team handled it well
          then it is extended to plastic manufacturers after the   to ensure  that no query was left unanswered. The
          3ODVWLF :DVWH 0DQDJHPHQW 5XOHV DSSOLFDEOH LQ       ,W   webinar was attended by over 150 people from the
          is duty of all citizens to throw plastic waste material in   Plastic Industry.

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