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          The ‘Thooshan’

          Ernakulam native comes up with ‘edible’, eco-friendly cutlery called ‘Thooshan’ that can tastefully replace
          single-use plastic

            everal states in the country, including Kerala, have   .DQSXU  .HUDOD $JULFXOWXUDO 8QLYHUVLW\  DQG ,QGLJUDP /DEV
          Salready banned single-use plastic.  Though Covid     According to Vinayakumar, food containers, bowls, cups,
          dimmed these efforts, plastics still remains wonder   and cutlery including spoons, fork and knives using edible
          material as there is no other alternatives . But if there   wheat bran will hit the market soon.“If someone is not
          were effective alternatives, this could have been many   happy with eating the plates, they can always discard it.
          may be convinced to stop using plastic daily.         7KH LWHPV FDQ EH XVHG DV FDWWOH IHHG  SRXOWU\ IHHG  ÀVK
                                                                feed, and organic manure. The product, after its use, will
          Ernakulam native Vinayakumar Balakrishnan has come up
          with ‘edible’ cutlery, which is not just eco-friendly but can   never accumulate as waste. It will serve as food to all the
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          consumed. Vinayakumar, who left his job as a CEO of a Life   The brand also helps local farmers by procuring wheat
          Insurance company in Mauritius to start this initiative says,   bran, which is usually a discarded by-product. This also
          “  After two years of research, I have been able to create   offers them extra income. The edible dinner plates can
          ‘Thooshan’, an edible cutlery that can tastefully replace   be used in microwave and can withstand temperatures
          single-use plastic. The Government of India proposes to   ranging from -10 to 140 degrees. It has a longer shelf life
          ban single-use plastic by 2022. People need an alternative   and has also resistance to fungus and is bacteria-resistant
          ZKHQ WKLV KDSSHQV µ                                   as well . The light brown, smooth, edible tableware will
                                                                be soon distributed in all districts.  “As an organic brand,
                                                                the product will not be sold by retailers selling plastic
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                                                                 DRDO Launches Biodegradable

                                                                 Packaging Products

                                                                   n a bid to reduce single-use plastic, the Defence
                                                                 IResearch and Development Organisation (DRDO) in
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           Vinayakumar derived the brand’s concept and name from   Ecolastic Private Limited, has launched environmentally
          Thooshanila (tapered plantain leaf), as a tribute to god’s   safe packaging products made from natural and plant-
          own country’s tradition of eating out of disposable banana   based food-grade materials.The bags which come in
          leaves. The edible tableware is made out of wheat bran.  two forms, soluble and insoluble, can be biologically
          The manufacturing happens at a fully automatic robotic   degraded in 3 months and cause no harm to the
          plant in Angamaly with extreme caution to hygeine.  The   HQYLURQPHQW  ZKDWVRHYHU   8QOLNH  WKH  FRQYHQWLRQDO
          brand ‘Thooshan’, whose products are manufactured by   polyethylene bags made from petrochemicals, which
          Aura Exim and sold by Vir Naturals Pvt Ltd, is full of good   are highly unsafe to the environment and takes years
          intentions.                                            to degrade, these bags are the most sustainable,
          Thooshan will commence its production with edible dinner   cost-effective, and ocean-safe alternative to single-
          plates.  He researched for nearly two years before entering   use plastics. Director of Advanced Systems Laboratory
          his products into the sustainable, eco-friendly bandwagon.   (ASL), DRDO, Ram Manohar Babu said that he feels
          The 100 per cent biodegradable product was formulated   immensely proud at launching the Ecolastic packaging
          after consulting with scientists at CSIR-National Institute   product. "Eco-friendly products like these are essential
          for Interdisciplinary Science and  Technology (NIIST),   for the survival of mankind and DRDO has played a vital
          Thiruvananthapuram. The project was incubated at IIT   role in bringing it out," he added.

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